Tuesday, March 15, 2011

XP User: Forget about Internet Explorer

I read a news from CNET (Internet Explorer 9 arrives, but not for XP) regarding IE 9 has been released and it's available to download. I also got the same news from lifehacker Internet Explorer 9 Officially Released.

What surprised me was the new browser left out XP user although there are statistic (according to cnet link) where half of the internet user still using XP (including me, at this point of time). So it bothers me why Microsoft would go for this approach where competitors (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) still supporting XP. Obviously the software giant is pushing its Windows 7 OS to XP user by claiming the new browser requires certain OS technology that can only be found in Windows Vista/7.

Well, it doesn't really hurt me that much anyway because I have stop using IE for quite some time. Even my wife, who using Window 7 starter, also stop using IE and went for Chrome.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working on my PLSQL certification exam

I've done the first exam (SQL Fundamental 1) and now after more than a year has past, I'm working on the second paper (Prgram with PL/SQL) before I get my OCA title. Books I've bought to prepare for this paper has been collecting dust and taking them out to study again is a dragging experience. I know it has to be done (well, my wife keeps nagging me when to get the OCA title) but somehow, things just come along the way. Job changing, family's wedding plus money issue seems extends the exam period further away.

Now, I have promised my wife that I will try to get this done in this month. No more distraction and excuses. Beside that, I've downloaded the documentation from Oracle website and it seems to be less boring experience if I go back to the books I have read so far.

Well, wish me luck.