Saturday, February 26, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 12 Testing

I worked as a QA before and no doubt, testing is part of my interest. I found out that Firefox 4 is currently on beta version testing and so I joined the crowd.

I have previously downlaoded the Firefox 4 beta 10 and the biggest turn off for me is the memory issue. It eats up about 1gb memory and slow my whole system down. So, I unistalled it and turn to Chrome instead.

Now, Firefox 4 beta 12 has fixed this memory issue and now I taking it back to the testing again. With this release, I'm quite happy with the new interface and the add-on/extension page. It feels like Firefox is back to the ring again to fight with Chrome.

Nevertheless, it's still early to tell whether Firefox will win back my confidence in it but I can see the Firefox 4 beta 12 is going the right way. I also can see that the Firefox developers are really listening to the users' feedback (I submitted the memory issue feedback back then).

Finally, it's still in Beta version and no doubt there will always some bugs pop out here and there. If it's getting to annoying, I'll just submit feedback, turn to Chrome and wait patiently for the next release. :D

How to turn on "do not track" in Firefox 4?

Go to the Option screen by click on top left corner Firefox > Options > Options. Checked the option as shown below.

What happened if those website refuse to listen (to the do not track option)? :P

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When not to use dynamic sql?

This is just my opinion when not  to use dynamic sql.

Here, I just going to give a brief introduction on dynamic sql. Dynamic sql just is a string that consists sql statement which you manupulate based on the different condition. It can be imagined as a lego block, you can build the sql string the way you wanted. Example below.

v_sql := v_select || v_table || v_where || v_groupby;

Execute immidiate v_sql; -- sql statement will be execute here

The best way to use dynamic sql is when the condition is keep changing. Example, condition are stored in table and can be add, remove, update or delete.

So, when not to use it? The condition is predictable and fixed (duh). Example, there are maximum 6 sql queries for 6 results (one for each table). Instead of using dynamic sql, it can be divided into 6 different procedures. Remember, 6 is fixed and there is no more than that. (If this change in future, then 6 is not fixed and that's different story).

The benefits for using 6 different procedures are easy to maintain. The result are no relation to each other nor there is a table link between them. Debugging is much easier when there are no other code laying around and caused confusion. Putting them into isolated procedure is much more easily to navigate in editor. Instead of having one large dynamic string, they are divided into small code for easy to identify and locate.

In short, avoid dynamic sql if the development is small, fixed and controllable. Instead of adding complexity to simple pl/sql development, why not go for maintainbility. It saves more time in the long run by just adding couple of extra lines.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying out Oracle VirtualBox

It's originally from Sun but Oracle has bought over SUN, so it become Oracle VirtualBox. Anyway, the last time I tried on this free virtual machine, I was having trouble. The software seems to be slowed and easily crashed by then. Now I'm going back there again to check up whether it has improved over the years.

I wanted to install a database on the virtual machine so I can try out something or probably create a small project. In virtual machine, I can take snapshot and restore if I mess up the database and it will surely save time if I have to restore using database feature (something I need to spend more time to study into).

Let's see how far it wil go. :)

Update: There is a pre-built virtual machine for developer (link below). This will save a lot of time building the virtual machine from scratch. However, the file size and the download is a pain.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off the hook on gadget article

Recently I was pretty much hooked on gadget article (surprisingly, I was less addicted to social network). It all begins when I was doing research on my wife newly bought netbook, the Samsung NF310. I wanted to check out the good or bad point about it and probably find a workaround on the bad points I can find.

Well, while doing the research I found a lot of great stuff such as the lastest phone and tablet running around in the same site with netbook reviews and this got me hooked. After tracing back the amount of time wasted I have done, I finally cut down all my gadget bookmark to 3. Yes, just 3 and they are listed below: : Not a truly a gadget site but sometimes it has some news on gadget stuff. However, it has some tutorial on learning new skill (e.g. programming, photoshop) and day 2 day life tips. : After all the gadget site I have visited, I find this site can keep me up to date with tech/gadget news overall. Furthermore, it has a nice layout that allows me to jump between article easily. So, I dump the rest and keep this one. : Finally, my only gaming news source. They have very interesting article and opinion plus lots of comment. :P I may need to watch out myself on this one on how much time I have spent on the site.

3 is just nice and it kept my reading down under 1 hour. Now I have more time on doing other thing such as writing this article and pick up I what I have left off on working my Oracle study and exam. :D

Update: I switched back to reading feeds instead because it is more efficient without the ads and distraction.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chrome Web Store

I've just updated my Chromium in Ubuntu 10.04 and it added the Chrome Web Store. I went to the site and installed couple of apps and on the first look, I'm really impressed. I have in installed the ScribeFire (used for writing this post) and Quick Note (for storing notes) and I like them both. I also tried out the Entanglement game which seems fun (puzzle game).
Then it pops into my mind that I have the Tomboy notes installed as my desktop apps for me to taking down notes. For unknown reason, I uninstalled the desktop app and move to Quick Notes. Probably my current disk space is low and furthermore, I just want to check out how the Quick Note performs for couple of days/weeks.
Well, if you're using Chrome/Chromium, do check out the Chrome Web Store because there are a lot goodies there. :)

Update: I switched back to Tomboy notes because I can use it without having to open Chromium. I can straight away create a new note (Tomboy is set on startup) with keyboard short cut without going online. :P