Sunday, April 18, 2010

19 hours

Maybe I come out a drama series called 19hours with a producer about a programmer working 19hours non-stop to get the migration project go live.

It will be a true story.

Yes, I've worked from 0900 till 0400. Is the clock running backwards? Nope.

What I can recall now on that moment was like, we in war. Phone kept ringing and people walking around faster than usual (minus the shouting and gun pointing). Things and instruction steps got messed up. The rehearsal we've gone through before the go-live and the real go-live itself was having too many environment changes.
  1. Our user privilege were not there. We can't update the setting unless we call the DBA for help. 
  2. New data or non related to migration causing interruption. Client can do whatever they want. (On migration go-live? Seriously, what are they thinking?)
  3. Plan/Instruction steps were jumble up. Due to point 2.
Now I'm here, back to the office 10 am in the morning (4 hours sleep). I hope the nightmare is over.

Update: I'm totally defeated when I heard one of my colleague only slept one hour. Not a good sign for the project and I hope this doesn't affect her health.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Password character gone overboard

Try use the "@" in for oracle user password. I got mine thru a password generator and it was fine when I log in using sql developer. Until I try to login sqlplus using command below:

sqlplus> username/password@server

Notice the @ after the password. If my password has a @ (and it was), the login will failed.

In short, don't use a @ for oracle password.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad health leads to bad programming.

I'm having a bad cough recently and very thing I think is negative. It's affecting my life and my work (maybe I couldn't think straight). Until I finally decided to go see a doctor and get my cough fixed, every thing seems much more positive afterwards. My work and relationship with family and work colleague seems to be improved.

I find that hard to believe. Supersititious? It's science.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conventional bug issue

"The new customization will update this table. However, this has caused a new bug where the new value unable to fit to the field length or this new customization has affected other module".

What are we missing here? Where is the business logic validation? Why the customization are doing direct table insert/update?

I happened to meet one person who said the above and I took me an hour (better late than never) to realize their system is really screwed up.