Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two types of communication

I had a chat with my wife this morning and started to reflect myself whether that I have communication issue. After some thinking, I came to this thought that communication has 2 types, in my opinion.

The first type I realized is the active approach. It's simple. I say what I wanted to someone in terms of information or needs. I like this approach as this allows me to be in control and be very clear what I'm doing. Even the coming next task, I will somehow have them in mind and brought them up in any possible chance for discussion/next action steps.

The second type is the passive approach. This type is someone has given me only a general idea and I need to go for them to pull out more information. Therefore their statement sometimes is vague and easy to fall into misunderstanding. This approach also makes their task easy as they words can be one line statement and I need to generate several pages of document just to based on that.

Furthermore, if I'm lucky, I get the precise information that I need. If not, the discussion will keep on going until the fog is clear. Don't forget that although I have the "stamina" to keep the discussion on going, but it may not applies to the other party. This will somehow leads the other party to think I'm have some problem on communication (perhaps I'm). But mind you, I have seen Project Manage spent hours just to get a point straight.

In short, spend all the time I need to get things clear as crystal. Be the active person. It will save a lot of time and fustration down the road.

Update:  Today evening, I feel I have found my "mind freedom". I was a active approach communicator and I was expecting the same from others. This mind set has made me looked like an idiot because the fact is, that expectation is not going to happened. This mind block has been released and the burden of communication breakdown is let go. Althought it's tiring to hunt down every detail information (from those who involved), but it is much better to carry the doubt and uncertainty back home.

Last but no least, thanks to my wife for pointing that out for me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thought of moving out of (dis)comfort zone.

The culprit that causing me to have this thought is: senior programmer wrote code that's lame.

No matter how marvel that my code is, the bug comes from the library/standard that my code depends on, wrote by some senior programmer that does not test their work. It ends up blocking my code to work as expected.

I have gone tired and frustrated with this culture (i think it's quite common in the programming world) as the lower level staff have to pick up their senior's mistake and sort out the issue. Adding salt to the injury, code written by the senior wasn't easy to maintain or read, causing the effort to understand and correct the bug takes days to resolve.

One might ask, what are those senior are doing then? They have so many issues pending on them due to their untested work, they don't even have time to solve the bug that's concern to me but not for them. This lead to work and stress start to pile up, not to mention what's the next time bomb (serious bug waiting to be discovered) will be.

Maybe it's time to move on and out of area that I have familiar with for 8 years. Maybe it's time work some thing that's new to me. I thought of venturing into Business Analyst. Time will tell.

Update: Change title to possible of discomfort zone.