Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First 2 minutes Ubuntu 8.04 experience

I have to hold on my book review on communication as Ubuntu has release their latest version Hardy Heron last week. As most fan would do, I have downloaded it, installed it and now I'm going to talk about my first 2 minute (not exactly 2 minute, it just happen "2" is one of my favorite number) experience with it on my Dell M640 laptop.

Download the installation iso file, 2 days (3 hours per day). Install the system from scratch, 30 minutes. Log in and found out my wireless is not working, 2 minutes.

I have restart my pc into windows and check whether the hardward is fine. It's working alright. Restart back to Ubuntu 8.04, wireless is not working. The wifi LED is not light up at all not matter how I try. Checking the Bios, pressing FN+F2 multiple time and it still not working. So, in conclusion, I should have update the system instead because they do not include the proprietary driver for my build-in wireless this time.

Another thing I found is the system date. I selected the correct time zone (GMT +8) while on installation. After logged in into the system for first time, it showed the time with 8 hours ahead. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or the system expect every new installation will be in time zone GMT 0. Anyway, I played around the new date time feature and corrected the time.

In short, if you have a happy Feisty Fawn system and wanted to check out Hardy Heron, my advise is go for the upgrade. At least, it save you from being disconnected and go back to your store room to find back your long lost RJ45 cable.

Update: I went home and try to use my cable to go online instead. When checking out the network setting, I found the wireless network able to detect my wireless router except there is no indicator on the laptop. The wifi LED was shut but I able to get online. Weird.