Friday, November 30, 2007

$0.41 richer

Yup, I got $0.41 richer thanks to Google.

The fact is, I'm not a committed blogger and my mind is not able generate enough content allow me to ditch my day job and become a full time blogger. All I did was to find out how this adsense worked, and I got $0.41 richer (I hope it was in Euro as USD value is beginning to drop at the moment).

On the down side, Google won't let me to cash out unless I earn more than $100. For this case, I was wonder whether I can deposit 99.59 to make it to $100 so I can cash it out. Guess not.

So, there couple of message I would like to pass out. For the money to help your child's education, reducing global carbon emission, to buy OLPC for third world countries' children, take education you have learned to read and write and earn those millions of $0.41 by starting a blog (Don't forget to register for the adsense tool to start earning).

So, that's it. Thank you for your kind support and don't click on the ads unless you find it helpful (I don't want any authorized personal knocking on my door and asking me whether I involved any click fraud activities). Happy writing and keep blogging. ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was online on Saturday afternoon and one of my ex-colleague caught me on MSN. We have a chat and he was complaining the his current job on the issue of imbalance job responsibility. Anyway, in his spare time, he got the inspiration from the company product and start up a site that offer free online service (free for the moment) to the public. It's called the Ajaxworkspace. I didn't try it as I wasn't interest in web application.

From the site, it explained that it is a content sharing project management suite. This mean you can add member and create a project online. You can share document along with team member and have discussions. It's like a collaboration tool except you don't need to work with your team member in the same office, which is kinda neat. If you interested, go ahead and try it out, it's free anyway. :P

In the end, I give best wishes for his start up as it seems to have a lot potential.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 short review

To put the latest Ubuntu 7.10 experience into one sentence, "Everything is just work out of the box"

I have installed my Dell 640m laptop with Ubuntu 7.04 quite sometime ago and I have also reviewed about it. The screen resolution wasn't working correctly. Setting up the wireless and screen resolution is taking a lot of effort and I really mean a lot. Not to mention setting up the Flash player, Java, Divx, MP3, wine with steam and dual core (Yes, you need to manual configure the system to let it know your machine has dual core).

With this 7.10 version, all this hassle has been taken away. This mean, after the installation finished, only Flash player, Java, Divx and MP3 codec are required to install manually (probably the same as for a fresh copy of Windows). And the wireless set up is easy plus without any configuration except for key in the network password. The screen resolution worked just right without any further setting. These improvement is what I can say the most obvious although there are tons of new feature and enhancement.

Similarly, this version came with the Open Office, Gimp, Movie player as previous version. Thus, there is no surprises. It feels like you're using the old version, except the configuration seems to be a lot easier.

In short, the biggest benefit this version of Ubuntu I found is the time saving. Time saved for configuration and searching for application to fixed the wireless and screen resolution can not be measurable. Not to mention the amount of stress and frustration being taken away for a windows-to-linux adopter.

Note: Don't use the update manager to upgrade from previous version to this version. It doesn't work well as I have experienced. The download is almost the same as a Ubuntu cd installer and the installation process nearly took me a day. In addition, the desktop visual effect does not worked as it should. Therefore, upgrading from Feisty Fawn is not recommended; go for the fresh copy install instead.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Green license

To use the free dictionary software, you need to meet the following condition
  • You take at most 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period
  • AND you do not own or regularly drive an SUV (sports utility vehicle).
This is the first license I have seen that is helping to reduce the global warming effect.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

I have pissed off the support staff

Warning: Boys. Don't try this at your working hour

It all started after working hours when I have finished my work and waiting for my backup database to restore into my local machine. I found the whole process was boring so I went to some game site just to check out the latest news. There was a new game coming on the horizon and the graphic is really awesome. As everyone would do, I keep digging in for more information on it.

Suddenly, strange thing happen. The page on the site is not responding anymore after a few pages of reading. I thought something was wrong with the site so I open up my IE and test the page again. This time, I found out it was my company's oversea proxy server has blocked the access. I was really puzzled on how they would blocked it even though I was surfing the net after working hour. Then came the idea on looking for ways to bypass the proxy rules (Big mistake).

First, I tried IP address by using ping to look up the website address and replace the browser URL with numbers. It worked for couple of pages and I was happy about it. But not for long until the numbers was also blocked eventually. Then I looked up for free proxy server and configured my browser to use a list proxy to surf the net (Bigger mistake). This time it works even longer than previous attempt and I think I have pissed off the support staff. He finally found that he had no way to blocked my access due to the long list of proxy I can choose of. Finally, he got fad up and totally cut off my access to internet (Somehow, I don't know why I laughed).

The lesson I learned is never mess with the support staff (even though they are at oversea and it's really fun doing it). Because in the end, we still lose as they have the control over the internet access.

Second lesson is to do your personal surfing at home. This including reading general news. Somehow I find this lesson really making my work awful as sometime we need to get away from work when it's getting boring.

Now, I have 3 solution for this problem. First, I can stick to my ego and get a personal wireless broadband that allow me to surf with no restriction. Second is to write an apology email (which I don't know who is it for) to the support staff and beg him to erase my ip from the blocked list. Third, which I think it's the best solution, is to don't do any surfing at work. It will be hard on me, but I think I can divert it by bring my own content (ebook, mp3 or video) to work so I won't rely on the company's internet connection. Problem is solved in the end but my wife won't be happy about it as she'd like to chat with me using messenger on working hours. :P

Update 02/11/2007: I went back to office this morning and I found myself still able to use the internet. I considered it lucky and will be more careful next time.

Word economy

I came across a sentence, which is "let me know if you have any problem", while reading a sample book chapter about word economy. This sentence is commonly used in any form of writing for user support or providing help. However, some people who want to show some professionalism in thier job might write the above sentence to:

"In the unlikely eventually that you encounter various and sundry difficulties with the above-referenced project, apprise me of the situation at your earliest convenient"

I find it very amusing. :D